Pastoral Care For Prisoners and Migrants

Fr.Anucha  Chaopreaknoi



  • To visit prisoners in prisons.
  • To provide moral or ethical guidance and vocation training.
  • To offer catholic religious services
  • To assist inmates as necessary and appropriate.
  • To organize educational activities for migrant worker adults and their children and to visit their families on a regular basis.



1. Prisoners

          - To visit prisoners once per month

          - To offer catholic religious services once per month and as needed.

          - To organize special events, such as Songkran, New Year, Christmas celebrations, etc. for prisoners with permission of the prison authority.




      2. Migrants

          - To visit and organize special events for foreign migrant workers, such as various ethnic groups from Burma.

          - To provide education

             + Training in the Thai language and English language and computer skills.