1. To inform about the situation of the poor and provide opportunities for others to experience as well as to elevate the quality of live of the poor

2. To coordinate with the 6 pastoral districts and their parishes in the Bangkok Archdiocese, and with other organizations to increase participation in social works.

3. To educate the church's social teaching, including "God is Love" (Deus Caritas est) and "Love in the Truth" (Caritas in Veritate) per Pope Benedict 16 and "Praise the Lord"(Laudato Si') "on the care for the world, our common home" per Pope Francis.

4. To ensure continuous posts by the local volunteers int various projects for the parishes.
5. To help each pastoral district to have a Parish Caritas committee and /or to enable the parish to operate projects that are relevant to itself and to the district.

6. To visit and encourage male female prisoners, and porvide vocational training for them to prepare for life after prison.

7. To continue development and progress in projects relating to imigrant workers(Burmese and Mon) primary education for immigrant children at St.Anna Catholic Center for Migrants.

8. To collaborate with a wide variety of catholic religious orders in the Archdiocese of Bangkok

9. To identify and initiate new projects to address the needs of the poor and disadvantage.