Executive Committee


Fr.Sarawut  Amorndit

Director of Social Department

Manager of  Administration Section/

Manager of Social Department Section 

Manager of Pastoral Care For The Poor Section


Fr.Thananchai  Kitsamak

Manager of Pastoral Care

For The Elders Section

 Fr.Anucha  Chaopraeknoi

Manager of Pastoral care

for Migrants and Prisoners Section

Fr.Phornsan  Singchai

Manager of Health Care Section

Fr.Worapoj  Wisitnondhachai

Manager of Credit Union Section




Mr.Manop  PhewKlieng

Acting Manager of Pastoral Care For Tourism and Sea-farers Section


Acting Manager of Pastoral care for Emergency Relief

and Refugees Section

Sr.Kridsada  Sartpan

Manager of Catholic Work for Women Section

 Sr.Acharapan  Aunlah

Rector of Hatai Karoon House For Children