Pastoral Care For The Poor


Fr.Sarawut  Amorndit




1. Hatai Karoon House for children and the Communita’ Incontro School

              - To provide shelter for the disadvantaged children.

              - To oversee the daily life of the children.

              - To provide an opportunity for education from grade 1 to 10.

              - To provide social, moral, ethical training and other activities, such as farming, art and craft, or sport, etc.

2. Coordination with St. Vincent de Paul Association

    - To collaborate with St. Vincent de Paul staffs at all levels.

    - To coordinate with St. Vincent de Paul groups in parishes.


3. Other services for the poor

    - To help children who have been affected by problems of society.

    - To help the disabled

    - To collaborate with other social-work teams in the Archdiocese of Bangkok.